All Donation Programs

Support Program

(Minimum Donation $50.00)
CCBD and USA DANCE INC promote ballroom dancing as a recognized sport and a recreational activity, providing opportunities to all Americans. This is part of the educational and charitable mission of the organization.

Social Dance Program

(Minimum Donation $50.00)
Affordable social dance programs are the cornerstone of CCBD's activities.

Dance Instruction

(Minimum Donation $50.00)
CCBD hires qualified instructors to present group dance lessons at the beginning of each casual dance.

Youth Programs

(Minimum Donation $50.00)
CCBD holds as one of its goals to help our youth acquire needed social skills in ballroom dance, and to encourage the most talented to become DanceSport Athletes in support of the Olympic movement.

Music Programs

(Minimum Donation $50.00)
CCBD provides music at its monthly dances and other events and activities.